Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How do I get a laundry card?

Cards are purchased for $5.00 at the kiosk placed at your laundry. Most often this will be wall-mounted in your main laundry room. The card is re-usable and reloadable.

Here are general instructions:

Select the “Buy A Card” option from the Kiosk this is to purchase a laundry card for use on the washers and
1. Press F3 button on the Terminal
2. Swipe your credit/debit card
3. Follow the instructions on the screen
4. Your laundry card will be dispensed by the Card Dispenser

**NOTE: the card is dispensed with NO FUNDS.  Funds must be added after purchase. When funds are depleted, this card can be re-loaded and re-used.

I just bought a laundry card but it doesn't work. What's up with that?

The cost of the laundry card is $5.00.  You will need to add funds onto the card after purchase.

How do I add value to my laundry card?

You may add funds to your laundry card with a debit/credit card (or in some locations with cash)at the kiosk.  A second way is by redeeming a value code, which you may purchase through the Washboard once you have registered your card there. Value codes are also generated by TW Systems to restore funds to your card when a refund request has been made and then approved.

Oh No! I was trying to add funds to my laundry card and another one dispensed! What happened?

Once you have a laundry card, always start at the kiosk by placing your laundry card in the pocket provided (or tapping it to the screen).  The kiosk will read your card chip and display your laundry card balance.

1. Follow the instructions on screen for adding funds with debit/credit.

2. Select a preselected amount or choose F3 on the terminal for “Other Amount”.

3. Follow the instructions for making credit card or cash payment.

4. Please allow transaction to process through to approval.

5. Leave laundry card in pocket until value is written to the laundry card.  If there is no pocket, lay your laundry card to the terminal screen and hold it there until value is written to card.

6. You’ll see “Add to Card Successful”, and your new balance will display.



I added money with my phone but the balance isn't showing up on my laundry card! Why?

If you have downloaded the TW Pay mobile app and registered an account, the funds you add in the app do not carry over to the laundry card.  The two balances are separate.  The only way to add funds onto the laundry card is through purchase at the kiosk, or through a value code purchase on the Washboard. Note: your login credentials with the app are the same for the Washboard.

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