1. Owning your own machines may be less profitable than you think

When you account for and add up the equipment cost, freight, installation, collections, trips to/from the bank, parts and labor costs, you will find it is more advantageous to have a Commercial Route Operator handle the laundry services.

2. No time or labor costs to you

Having TW Systems handle the laundry equipment services will free you up to concentrate on more important tasks for the property.

3. Brand new equipment for free

TW Systems will remove and dispose of your old washers and dryers and install NEW energy star washers and dryers

4. Who can you really trust with your money?

How do you know the person(s) you designate to collect the coins is honest?  What safeguards do you have in place to ensure the collection is 100% accurate?  Are collections taken directly to the bank or to someones office or apartment?  Our collectors go through background checks and TW Systems has safeguard systems in place to verify every collection.

5. Coin processing can carry big costs to you

Banks will charge you fees to deposit unrolled coins.  Rolling coins requires time, a secure counting room with video cameras, and the equipment to have an accurate count.

6. Your tenants call us, not you

TW Systems takes the time to handle refund requests, service calls, clothing damage issues.  This allows you to focus on more important tasks.

7. Repair and machine replacement costs really add up

When you buy a new machine, who will service, repair, stock parts and handle any manufacturer’s warranty? Most warranties are limited to parts, and don’t cover labor, coin boxes, or coin slides. You must pay for coin slide jams, tampered money boxes, off-balance machines.  This can add up to several hundred dollars per machine if your labor and parts are accurately accounted for…not to mention the increased length of machine downtime experienced by “do-it-yourself” customers.

8. Credit Card Smart Card technology and auditing software costs are high

New SmartCard Technology or credit card operated equipment insures 100% revenue accuracy. TW Systems pays for this equipment and is constantly upgrading our software and hardware, while you receive the benefit of this technology for free.

9. In your absence, machines are kept running with no downtime and loss of income

You can go on vacation and know that collections, repairs, complaints are being handled while you are away.  It is one less thing for you to worry about.

10. Our revenue share arrangements give you the best of both worlds

Our revenue share agreements give you NEW energy star equipment, state of the art audit and collecting hardware and software, worry free maintenance, all with NO capital expenditure by you.